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RCD Root-Canal Disinfection


Root-canal radiopaque, bactericidal treatment paste



Barium Sulfate 60%, Polysiloxane 23%, Cresol 9%, Oil of cinnamon 5.2%, Polyoxymethelene 2.4%, Dexamethasone Acetate 0.1%, excipient ad 100%



RCD is a radiopaque, non-resorabable paste which offers the combined effects of bactericidal and a sedative agent with an additional anti-inflammatory effect. It is used as a temporary root-canal filling.



>Treatment of infected 4th degree caries, sceptical pulpal necrosis and total pulpal gangrene.

>after pulpectomy,when a permanent root canal filling is to be postponed.


Direction for use

>After proper cleansing, shaping and irrigation of the root canal, 1 application of the paste kept on place during at least 1 week, should relief pain and ensure complete disinfection. If required repeat the treatment 1 to 2 times at several days interval.

>Work the paste deeply into the root-canal with the aid of a smooth broach or a rotary paste filler.

Avoid air pockets or extrusion beyond the apex. A permanent filling can be applied after eliminating of the last applied paste as well as shaping and re-treatment of the canal.

>After pulpectomy, obturate the root canal with RCD. During the next seat, the paste is to be removed and a  proper cleansing of the root canal is to be achieved. Then proceed as per the traditional technique for the permanent obturation of the root canal.



RCD is an additional chemical treatment to the usual technique for root canal disinfection. It is not meant to replace this technique.



Contains many chemical materials. Toxic by inhalation and ingestion. May cause irritation, burns or hypersensitizatio if in direct contact with the skin.

In case of direct contact with the eyes, rinse liberally with running water. IN case of ingestion, require the patient to drink a lot of water. Possibly to vomit.  Consult a physician.



Store at room temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC, protected from direct light.

Shelf life: 3 years in non opened jar.



Jar of 30 g


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